about us

Shop, workshop and school of handmade jewelry

The need to express and materialize the impulses of creativity lies among the earliest memories of my conscious life. I identify the origins of this inspiration in the light of the Mediterranean. The light that stains a thousand colors a wonderful blue sea in which ancient and modern cultures, past and future stories are rocked.

As a child I liked to touch the blue color that represented the Mediterranean Sea on the maps, and I felt deeply how the touch carried me, getting to feel the sound of the waves and the heat of the Sun.
Also in childhood I felt the link with the tools that were always around my father. I enjoyed taking them and using them the way he did. Led by the creative spirit I began to study art at the Escola Massana in Barcelona, where I absorbed everything I could, and where my fascination with tools led me to enter the classroom-jewelry workshop. I was fascinated by the duality of an office full of ancestral techniques but open to contemporary expressiveness.

In the creation of jewelry I find a space in which the relationship with the materials is particularly close, in which it is necessary to explore all their qualities and limitations due to the need to find an expressive synthesis. We combine gold, silver and bronze with bamboo, acrylics, woods and much more to offer you unique pieces full of meaning.

Joan Rovira.

Artisan jewelry in the old artisans district of Barcelona

You will find us in the shop-workshop at Carrer Cotoners, 10, where each piece is unique, made 100% by hand, with the precision and affection that characterizes artisan jewlery.

Our privileged location, in the old medieval quarter of Barcelona, is a century-old space that preserves the original architectural structure, with exposed wooden beams and the Catalan vault in perfect condition. The double-space establishment hosts the store at street level and the workshop in the loft, where we create jewlery and organize jewelery workshops. We are a family-owned business that offers the possibility to customize and recycle any jewelry and make your ideas, designs or sketches come true.

We are waiting for you at Carrer Cotoners, 10!