about us

joan rovira jewelry

The need to express and materialize the impulses of creativity lies among the earliest memories of my conscious life.
I identify the origins of this inspiration in the light of the Mediterranean. The light that stains a thousand colors a wonderful blue sea in which ancient and modern cultures, past and future stories are rocked.
As a child I liked to touch the blue color that represented the Mediterranean Sea on the maps, and I felt deeply how the touch carried me, getting to feel the sound of the waves and the heat of the Sun.
Also in childhood I felt the link with the tools that were always around my father. I enjoyed taking them and using them the way he did.
Led by the creative spirit I began to study art at the Escola Massana in Barcelona, where I absorbed everything I could, and where my fascination with tools led me to enter the classroom-jewelry workshop. I was fascinated by the duality of an office full of ancestral techniques but open to contemporary expressiveness.

In the creation of jewelry I find a field in which the relationship with materials is especially close, where you must explore all its qualities and limitations by the need to find expressive synthesis. I combine gold, silver and bronze with bamboo, acrylics, woods, etc.