Those of us who are dedicated to contemporary jewelry, or to signature jewelry, work constantly with emotions and feelings. And while we must confess that it is often easy for us because we love our profession, we also suffer and become disoriented, as in any practice of art.


We found the activity of artisanal jewelry in the principles of human history. Remnants of jewelry workshops have been found in our country, such as the site of La Draga (6th century BC). Somehow, a craftsman jeweler feels the bond of his craft as the bearer of a witness. Today, in a craft jewelry workshop, we find tools of origin so old that allow the realization of any artisanal jewel without the need for electricity. However, it is not an office that has already been kept out of technological developments.   On the contrary: in an artistic jewelry workshop we can find a manual drill of Neolithic origin next to a computer to project jewelry in 3D.

It is precisely in the thread of technological and digital evolution that the new niche is produced in which the activity of artisanal jewelry is sheltered. In other words, in the same urban environments where economic globalization has placed establishments of large chains and franchises, we will also find small workshops of artistic jewelry. Unique jewels, elaborated and designed in a craft workshop, can be exhibited very close to the large cloned storefronts that we find in all major global cities. And precisely some of the attractions of this artisanal jewelry are the silence and discretion that attract visitors, giving them rest from the constant dripping of advertising pressure.